About Fishbowl Poke Co

The Scoop

Fishbowl Poke Co started out with 2 friends and a love for sushi. Frequenting various sushi restaurants on a weekly basis was a regular thing for us. After we started seeing Poke restaurants popping up, we decided to give one a shot – the rest was history.

Sushi can be expensive to eat frequently and we realized Poke was a great alternative at a fraction of the cost. We fell in love with Poke and realized early on that we wanted to provide this experience with everyone we could. And thus, Fishbowl Poke Co was born – an everyday sushi alternative available for the masses.

Our Values

We Care About Our Ingredients

We believe in making healthy food choices. Where our ingredients come from and the freshness is a key factor to a healthy and delicious dish. 

Our selection of bases, fish, toppings, sauces and more, are the freshest and highest quality possible. This gives our customers a customizable eating experience that can also lead them towards their health goals.

Whether you are looking for something healthy, or just craving some killer comfort food, Fishbowl Poke Co. has something for you!

The Team

Our Passionate & Dedicated Team

The Fishbowl Poke Co Team loves poke and loves serving poke bowls to you!